Boarding Facilities

Tortoises on Holiday provide facilities for your tortoise(s) all year round. The facilities are suitable for all tortoises of all ages.

All tortoises of different species are kept separate at all times and the same species of different customers are not kept together at any time.

All of the enclosures are secure with a good depth (1 meters) of top quality soil.  The enclosures have been designed so that your tortoise(s) cannot dig their way out of the enclosure. Other substrates are available on request excluding wood chipping, paper or similar. Wood chipping, paper or similar are harmful to tortoises. These material may also create a fire hazard especially when using with a heat lamp. Tortoises normally prefer soil as this is found in their natural environment.

In the general area, there are a number of tropical plants. These tropical plants have been planted to provide shading for your tortoise(s). It is not possible for your tortoise(s) to eat these tropical plants.

Your Tortoise(s) will have permanent sheltered accommodation (specially adapted UVB green house) with a heat lamp which is connected to a thermostat. The enclosures are designed for both winter and summer.  All of the facilities have permanent access to water/food which is changed regulary.  All food supplied to the tortoises are supplemented with vitamins and minerals appropriate for each species. All of the enclosures are fitted with UVB lighting which is essential for most tortoises. This is particularly important in the winter months if not hibernating your tortoise(s). 

Whilst you are away, we can send progress reports on request at no extra charge*. If your tortoise(s) become ill whist boarding with Tortoises on Holiday, we will with your instructions transport your tortoise(s) to a reptile vet for treatment**.

*free by email, telephone calls and other methods will incur a charge.

**transport costs (40p per mile) including other expenses will incur a charge if a visit to a vet is required.