Hibernation Service 

Hibernation is an essential and natural part of a tortoise’s life.

After the summer your tortoises should be in peak condition.  As October starts, winter is just around the corner and you need to ensure they are ready to prepare for hibernation.  Cosy Tortoises have written a hibernation care sheet with full guidelines about how to prepare, covering the different options with their pros and cons discussed thoroughly.  If you need advice or support, then just please contact us.  Our Hibernation Preparation caresheet is freely available by e-mailing or phoning us. We will send a copy out to you as either an Adobe acrobat (.pdf) file or a Microsoft Word document.   

If you find the prospect of placing your tortoise in hibernation a daunting or stressful task feel free to contact us for advice.  If you have doubts about whether the weather will give you the opportunity to allow for a constant and long hibernation, then perhaps you could consider using our Cosy Tortoises Hibernation Service.

Cosy Tortoises run a dedicated Refrigeration Hibernation Service for tortoises.  This method is tried and tested and recommended by the Tortoise Trust.

Refrigeration is a service Cosy Tortoises offer to tortoise keepers. Refrigeration is a practice that is becoming more common with tortoise keepers as a safer and much more reliable method than the traditional box in the garage.

Cosy tortoises offer a three months (12 weeks) period for £175 pounds. This includes 11 weeks of refrigeration between 5-10 degrees centigrade with the tortoise being removed in the final week.

During this period, your tortoise will be inspected on a weekly basis and their weight will be recorded. The temperature of the fridges are checked daily. Should a problem arise during hibernation, the tortoise will be removed from hibernation and the owner/vet contacted.  There will be the option to over-winter the tortoise from this point until the end of the hibernation period if the tortoise is in good health.

Before hibernation, guidance will be given on how to prepare your tortoise for hibernation. This is essential and it is the responsiblity of the tortoise owner to follow these guidelines and Cosy Tortoises are in no way and never will be liable.  The preparation should take place for up to 2 months before hibernation. No tortoises who are ill or on medication will be accepted without prior agreement. All tortoises are kept separate AT ALL times before, during refrigeration and after hibernation. Cosy Tortoises follow strict hygiene when handling tortoises.